GP-Xiaomi gift vouchers

GPStar customers will get 10% discount on GP-Xiaomi co-branded gift vouchers! The discount is applicable on purchasing gift vouchers from Amaya Industries website ( only.

Exclusive Offer:

Exclusive offer for GPStars Duration Purchase Option
10% flat discounts on GP-Xiaomi co-branded gift vouchers worth BDT 2000, 5000 & 10000. till 30th June 2024 Online purchase only from

Customer Journey:

After purchasing a gift voucher from online (, a coupon code will be sent to customer’s phone number or email and that code needs to use from any product purchase from Xiaomi (Amaya Industries) website.


1. Can a customer gift this voucher code it to his/her friends and family as a gift?

Yes, he/she can gift the voucher code. In that case, the end user has to use the coupon code during the product checkout.

2. Is this voucher available in Xiaomi physical stores and can a customer use this voucher code in physical product purchase?

No, this voucher is available only in website and customer can’t use this voucher code on purchasing product from physical Xiaomi stores. This voucher code only can be used in online purchase from

3. Is it possible to use the voucher code multiple times?

No, one voucher code can use for single time only.

Additional Info:

  • How to get the web link to purchase gift voucher: Type MiGift and send to 29000
  • Eligible for: All GPStars
  • Hotline: +8801753919191
  • Offer Validity: till 30th June 2024