GP Connect

Internet revolution lead by Grameenphone in Bangladesh let access to information easier. Grameenphone use EDGE technology to provide internet packages. Corporate business needs access to their own network on a secure, reliable and faster platform. Corporate data cannot travel through internet to ensure data security.

Grameenphone introduced GPConnect service to allow access to corporate network using Dedicated APN (Access Point Name). Grameenphone offer secure connectivity over GSM network through GPConnect service. SIM cards send data to corporate server using APN. Data send from SIM cards are channel to corporate server. Fiber optic cable is required to channel data from GP switch site to corporate server.


  • Security: Ciphering and IPSec protocol encrypts data, restrict from snooping and external intrusion
  • Flexibility: Flexible Packages and setup process
  • Robust, Reliable Network access: 12,000+ BTS provide access all over Bangladesh
  • Smooth Data Communication: Fiber optic link allow simultaneous transfer of large pool of data to corporate server
  • Always Connected: Auto-redundancy between two fiber optic link to live end to end connectivity uninterrupted
  • Excellent Service: Industry expert resource, competitive SLA and efficient processes

What are we Solving?


M2M Connectivity:


GP Connect offers dedicated APN for confidential data communication and exclusive usage. It offers reliable connectivity with auto redundancy to build an ideal Machine to Machine (M2M) networks like – POS networks, ATM, Utility metering, Surveillance and Monitoring.


POS Network:


Point of Sales (POS) network is widely used for secure and credit card based transaction. POS terminal connect through dedicated APN configured in SIM. Fixed IP scheme is used for unique addressing. IPSec protocol transmits data to enterprise customer server. This ensures end to end security for EDGE user. Thus from POS terminal to corporate data center, data will travel with safety and security.


Utility Metering:


Utility metering facilitate precise energy consumption information, clear and accurate billing to customer. Meter connects through APN send data to Utility company head office. Data securities are guaranteed through encryption and IPSec tunnel. Fixed IP scheme allows triggering on load balancing and cost controlling. Utility companies deploy such network to reduce outage and efficient energy distribution.

Tarrif Plan:

GP Connect Package Number of Connection Price (BDT) Excluding VAT
GP Connect Office 10 to 300 1200
301 to 600 1000
More than 600 800


GP Connect Package Number of Connection Price (BDT) Excluding VAT
GP Connect Lite 10 to 300 200 + 0.08/KB
301  to 1000 180 + 0.06/KB
1001  to 2000 160 + 0.04/KB
More than 2000 150 + 0.02/KB



GP Connect Package Number of Connection Price (BDT) Excluding VAT
GP Connect Volume - 1GB 10 to 300 400
301  to  600 350
More than 600 300


GP Connect Package Number of Connection Price (BDT) Excluding VAT
GPConnect Volume - 100MB More than 10 200

* 5% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff

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