M2M Data Packs

Plan for your devices:

Our Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Plans are a mix of data packs, SIM cards and secure connectivity options for your devices.

What is M2M?

Machine to Machine (M2M) communications is the automatic or periodic exchange of data between two or more machines over a wireless network. Today, M2M is enabling transformation across all industries as businesses take advantage of the reach of mobile technology to remotely communicate with assets and devices in the field; thus, improving asset utilization, reducing costs, enhancing customer experience and enabling faster decision making.

Our M2M Plans provide you with a suite of enablers to support your M2M solution:

  • Network access: Enjoy the superior coverage of our 2G and 3G networks, country’s largest and most reliable telecommunications network.
  • Data plans: A range of data plans to suit your needs, with options for dedicated Access Point Name (APN) for security, reliability and speed.
  • SIM cards: Industrial-grade M2M SIM cards to withstand extreme environmental conditions for demanding M2M applications.
  • Control Center: Use our cloud-based M2M Control Centre portal to manage your M2M SIMs and Data Plans with ease and control.
  • Devices: A range of GP-tested M2M devices that can be purchased from GP Online Shop, all GP Centers and GP Experience Centers.
  • Advanced VPN: Protect your data transmissions with a virtual Private Network (VPN) over the local internet or an end-to-end private network.

Our M2M Plans:

We offer two types of M2M Plans – Standard and Advanced. The Standard M2M Plan comes with standard M2M connectivity options, while the Advanced M2M Plan comes with dedicated APN and VPN connectivity options. Details of the plan options are listed below:

M2M Volume PacksM2M Volume Packs
M2M Control CenterM2M Control Center
Shared APNDedicated APN
Fixed IPFixed IP
M2M SIM CardsM2M SIM Cards
 VPN Connectivity*

*Options available for Best Effort VPN over local Internet or Business Grade VPN over an end-to-end private network.


We also offer a range of Volume Packs under the above plans. Below is a table to help you select the most appropriate plan for your M2M data usage needs.


Uasge typestandard m2madvanced m2m
Low20/50/100 MB100 MB
Medium1/2 GB1 GB
High5/10 GB100 GB