Village Phone


Village Phone Program is a noble effort by tri party (GP-GTC-GB) to eliminate poverty by providing self-employment opportunity. Village Phone program has created an income-earning opportunity for the VP operators, mostly poor women and borrower members of Grameen Bank, who are now able to make their opinions count. The Village Phone (VP) initiative has made tremendous social and economic impact in the rural areas of Bangladesh, creating a 'substantial consumer surplus' for the users. They are popularly known as VPO (Village Phone Operator). It Received 'GSMA in the Community Award' in 2000, 'Commonwealth Innovation Award' in 2003 & "Petersburg Prize" awarded by the Gateway Foundation in 2005. The profit for VPO is the difference between end customer tariff & operator's tariff. This profit enables them to meet not only basic need like food, shelter, health etc. but also entertainment need.


  • Prepaid Price Plan
  • Tk. 50 Preloaded talk time with validity of 30 days
  • Make and Receive Calls from any phone (Mobile, PSTN,ISD)
  • Electronic and Scratch Card Based Recharge
  • VP Community Pricing
  • 1 sec pulse
  • Start up price BDT 200

Tariff for Opt-in Plan

Type Call Rate
Any Local Operator 79 poisha/minute
Pulse 1 second

50 poisha/ SMS and 25 Poisha/ Bangla SMS


Tariff for Default Plan

Type 12pm-4pm 4pm-12pm
Any Local Operator BDT 0.49 BDT 0.99
Pulse 1 second
SMS 24 hours at 50 poisha/ SMS and 25 Poisha/ Bangla SMS



* 10% Supplementary Duty (SD) + 15 % VAT inclusive of SD will be applicable for all charges + 1% surcharge on base tariff

*All local P2P Bangla/ Unicode SMS tariff 0.25 taka (without VAT, SC and SD) and character count will be as per global measurement

*To migrate this optional tariff plan Please Dial *479*2# (free)

*To migrate the default tariff plan Please Dial *479*1# (free)


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