Roaming Bill Payment

Now you can pay your roaming bill very easily by ensuring following requirements to avoid disconnection

  • International dual currency credit or debit or prepaid card is needed.
  • The dollar endorsement must be done and dollar transaction for payment must be on.
  • Hassle free auto-debit instruction for smooth auto bill payment
  • In absence of auto-debit instruction, for every bill payment, filled up roaming form and International dual currency credit or debit or prepaid card both side copy (CVC or CVV number hidden) is required
  • Visit any "Grameenphone Center" near you or E-mail the necessary documents to
  • To start roaming services in popular 35 countries without security deposit, the required roaming bundle price must be paid in advance with Auto debit instruction, otherwise a security deposit of Tk 3,000 (equivalent to USD) must be paid with Auto debit instruction.
  • A security deposit of Rs.10,000 (equivalent to USD) will be required for roaming services without Auto debit instructions.

Bill Payment Form PDF


Auto Debit

Hassle Free Auto Debit Instruction

Please click the "know more" button to learn more about auto-debit instructions in details.

Know More

Roaming Security Deposit Refund

  • Customers can initiate roaming refund process after 7 days of roaming cancelation.
  • Need properly fill up & signed roaming refund form.
  • Need to pay full roaming and Local due amount. (if local due amount more than local SD)
  • Refund will be processed within 1 to 15 working days (based on mode of payment)

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